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Last update: 7/20/2020
Past Results
2020 Summary

As with so many aspects of our lives in 2020, Whipplefest was impacted by the COVID-19 virus.  After scheduling the tournament for May 29, we originally decided to postpone until later in the year.  As the summer progressed, we decided to cancel due to the risks involved with both the virus itself and the potential for a county (or state) band on large public gatherings.  We plan to be back in 2021.

2019 Summary

Couples Championship:  The team of Dick Stone & Kelly Osborne made their mark on the 2019 tournament.  After a rather bland front nine, they started making birdies to finish at 4 strokes under par with a 67.  Four strokes behind where another new team, as Brad & Kendra Nowak fired an even par 71.  There was a tie for 3rd place between Tom & Julie Bossard and Rob Baker & Julie Wilhelm with scores of 76.  The Bossard's officially took 3rd in a scorecard playoff.

Men's Championship:  Ed Fricke & Denny Connor shot a 69 to hold off one of the legendary teams in Whipplefest history.  Rich Gnecco & John Chastain have won the Popeil's Pocket Fisherman 5 times, but they came up one shot shy of their 6th title this year.  2019 marks the 4th year in a row that an all-Bogey team has won the Men's Championship.  Kerry Scheibler & John Holzbauer came in 3rd with a 72.

Competitive:  Todd & Katie Bullock won the Competitive flight with a 78.  The rest of the field was bunched closely together with 7 of the 10 teams scoring between 81 and 83.

Recreational: The Recreational Flight was won by Wayne & Debbie Steinhoff with a score of 80.  There were three 89's tied for 2nd place:  Anne Gonzales & Robin Frye, John & Joyce Berkowitz, and Brandon & Jess Cain.

Life Points Update
Men - Not much movement this year, but the long-time leaders (Rich Gnecco & John Chastain) built upon their lead by finishing in 2nd place.

Couples - Tom & Julie Bossard moved up to 20th place as Dick Stone & Kelly Osborne debuted in a tie for 30th place (winning the tournament certainly helps to build lifetime points in a hurry).

Special Events
Most Improved Team - Jack & Julee Wisor (2 strokes)
Closest to the Hole - Kelly Osborne (W) and Brad Nowak (M)
Longest Drive - Kelly Osborne (W) and Tom Frank (M)
Longest Putt - Rich Gnecco
Gold Man - Jim Trimbell

History of Whipplefest

A bit of history about Whipplefest and the Toaster Oven Commemorative...

Whipplefest began in 1980 with a party at the Whipple farm-house in Popejoy, Iowa that was held while Neil's parents were out of town on their annual Canadian fishing trip. After a few years, live bands were featured and we eventually outgrew the farm-house and found other locations. The 1984 event basically served as Neil's college graduation party and was held in a barn a few miles south of Ames, Iowa. In 1985, Neil’s first year out of college, the party was held around a bon fire in a small grove of trees near Alden, Iowa. Attendance was so low that it almost killed the event.

In 1986 Whipplefest moved to Saint Louis and golf was introduced. This first tournament was held in Saint Ann, Missouri and attendance was enough to justify another year. In 1987 we added Friday night Cardinal baseball games for a couple of years and the golf tournament stayed a 9-hole event with around 30-40 golfers. 1987 was played at Forest Park and in 1988 we returned to Saint Ann. In 1989, the golf tournament became an 18-hole event and was held at Innsbrook Estates near Wright City, Missouri for 3 years. In 1992-1993 the event moved to The Legacy in Granite City, Illinois and we moved again in 1994 to Eagle Springs in Saint Louis County where we played for 3 years. In 1995, the field was up to 134 golfers and the tournament raised nearly $1,800 for two local charities through hole sponsors and a silent auction. Most of these early years featured commemorative Whipplefest golf hats and shirts.

In 1997 the event followed the Whipple's to Quincy, Illinois and settled into a field of 50-80 golfers at Westview Golf Course while there. Several people made the drive from Saint Louis to play. The Mayor of Quincy, Chuck Scholz, won the Men's Championship in 1997 playing with his son. We cannot confirm that the Pocket Fisherman was displayed in the Mayor's Office. The event was the subject of a newspaper article and the toaster oven itself made an appearance on TV in Quincy. Whipplefest was big in Quincy!

Whipplefest followed Neil and Jan back to the Saint Louis area in 2002 and the Toaster Oven Commemorative returned to Eagle Springs. In 2011 the event moved to the Bogey Hills Country Club in Saint Charles, Missouri after 9 straight years at Eagle Springs. This marked another step in the Whipplefest progression from its humble beginnings to where it is today.

The Bogey Hills Clubhouse burned down in February of 2017, so the post golf activities that year were held in a tent facility constructed near the first tee box. 2017 also featured the opening of the bocce ball court at the Whipple home featuring a crushed granite playing surface.

2019 was the 40th Whipplefest celebration and the 34th annual Toaster Oven Commemorative golf tournament.

2018 Summary

Couples Championship: It was close, but Scott & Penny Hays pulled off the repeat with a 69 to win by a single stroke over Jim & Jennifer Ott (who were after their 8th Toaster Oven).  Not far behind were Jim & Carol Giefer with a 71.

Men's Championship:  Mark Schoene & Dick Stone shot a 70 to capture a third straight title and continue their march up the charts of the great men's teams in Whipplefest history.  Ed Balzer & Joe Orr repeated their score of 73 to claim 2nd place to match their 2017 performance.  Mike Vogler & Mike Maloney fired a 75 to earn 3rd place.

Competitive: Mark & Vann Hahn's 74 was enough to win the Competitive Flight by a single stroke over Nick & Marti Sabino. Third place went to Gary Melchior & Tom Slater's 76.

Recreational: The Recreational Flight featured a pair of 76's.  Vicki Rodell and Karan Smith were victorious in a scorecard playoff over Craig Hanson and his son Carter.  Jack & Anne Gonzales shot a 77 to place third.

Life Points Update
Men - Jack Burke & Jeff Orloff jumped from 6th to 3rd place, but they will have to almost double their current number of points to catch the 2nd place team.  Mark Schoene & Dick Stone moved from 10th to 7th place and will certainly crack the top 5 next year with a respectable showing.  Ed Balzer & Joe Orr broke into the top 10.  Ed Balzer is now in the top 10 with three different partners.  In addition, he is in 19th and 32nd place with 2 others.

Couples - With a second straight win, Scott & Penny Hays moved jump to 17th place.  Jim & Jennifer Ott padded their lead.  Second place Harold and Mady Ott would need to win 4 titles in a row to catch them.  Of course that assumes the Jim & Jennifer don't finish in the top 12 teams during those years.

Special Events
Most Improved Team - Dave Benkendorf and Terry Sieveking (9 strokes)
Closest to the Hole - Lynette Zuch (W) and Ron King (M)
Longest Drive - Julie Baker (W) and Mark Hahn (M)
Longest Putt - Jim Giefer
Gold Man - Vicki Rodell

2017 Summary

Couples Championship:  Parity seems to have arrived in the Couples Championship Flight.  Over the past six years, there have been six different winners.  Five of those six teams were first time winners (including the past four years).  In 2017 it was Scott & Penny Hays, long time Bogey Hills members, shooting a 69 to take home the Toaster Oven.  Alan Honerkamp & Debbie Schulte (2015 Champions) shot a 70 to take 2nd place.  Three teams were tied at even par 71.  Roy & Diane Fuchs took 3rd place in a scorecard playoff over the teams of Bob & Jane Quast and Steve Weber & Maureen McNeill.

Men's Championship:  Mark Schoene & Dick Stone shot 69 to win their second straight title. Although is is not currently "handsomely mounted", the replacement Popeil’s Pocket Fisherman stays with Mark and Dick.  Ed Balzer & Joe Orr's 73 was good enough for 2nd place and Jack Burke & Jeff Orloff's 74 earned them 3rd place.

Competitive:  Mike Vogler & Mike Maloney fired a 74 to win the Competitive Flight.  This was followed closely by a pair of 75's.  Carole Carpenter & Patty Rothermich won a scorecard playoff for 2nd place, leaving 3rd place to Vicki Rodell and her son, Tanner Rodell.

Recreational:  Gary & Gail Griffin shot an 80 to win the Recreational Flight.  A pair of 85's finished tied for second.  Don & Denise Kirkham won the scorecard playoff with Beth McGraw and her son, Matt, taking 3rd place.

Life Points Update
Life Points are awarded to teams that place in the top 12 positions in both the Men's and Couples divisions.  Women's teams are included in Couples because I don't think we have ever had the same women's team play twice.  The points are weighted heavily to the winners (15 points for 1st, 12 points for 2nd, 10 points for 3rd, down to the 12th place team getting one point).

Men - Bogey Hills members Jack Burke & Jeff Orloff moved up to 6th place and Mark Schoene & Dick Stone moved up to 10th place.  Ed Balzer & Joe Orr also moved up to 12th place.  This is the 3rd team that Ed Balzer is a part of that is in the top dozen teams of all time.

Couples - Steve Weber & Maureen McNeill jumped a couple of positions to 15th place, while both "Honerkamp teams" moved into the top 20.  Alan Honerkamp & Debbie Schulte are 18th and Scott Honerkamp & Sandy Honerkamp are tied for 20th.

Special Events
Most Improved Team - Alan Honerkamp & Debbie Schulte (5 strokes)
Closest to the Hole - Beth McGraw (W) and Jack Wisor (M)
Longest Drive - Julie Baker (W) and Nick Sabino (M)
Longest Putt - John Holzbauer
Gold Man - Bob Quast

2016 Summary

Couples Championship:  If the Whipplefest Command Central archives are correct, Maureen McNeill has played with four different partners over the years.  But 2016 was the 5th straight year with Steve Weber.  After coming close  to glory in 2012, team Weber/McNeill shot a 67 and defeated Jim and Jennifer Ott in an exciting playoff to win the Toaster Oven Commemorative.  Third place went to Jim & Carole Carpenter with a 68.  Jim Trimbell & Debbie King and Ed & Jan Fricke rounded out those under par with two 69s.

Men's Championship:   Mark Schoene & Dick Stone shot 67 last year for 2nd place.  They improved on that score by 2 strokes to take home the handsomely mounted Popeil’s Pocket Fisherman in 2016.  Jack Burke & Jeff Orloff finished four strokes behind with a 69 that was good enough for 2nd place.  Five time champions Rich Gnecco & John Chastain took 3rd place with a score of even par 71.

Competitive:  The Competitive Flight was won by Terry Wilson & Sam Wilson with a 70 (congratulations and welcome to the Championship flight next year).  Mitch Stoddard & Bryan Kaemmerer shot 72 for 2nd place.  That score is also good enough to propel Mitch & Bryan into the Championship flight for the next 4 years.  Ed & Jan Tracy fired a nice 73 to take 3rd place. 

Life Points Update
After strong showings, Jack Burke & Jeff Orloff have moved up to #8 and Mark Schoene & Dick Stone to #16 in the standings for the men.

For the couples, both the good Ott's and the bad Ott's added to their positions as #1 and #2.  Champions Steve Weber & Maureen McNeill moved to #17 with their victory and Jim & Carole Carpenter moved into the top 20 at #18.  Ed & Jan Fricke also moved up to a tie for #20.

Special Events
Closest to the Hole - Sharon Linneman (W) and Jack Gonzales (M)
Longest Drive - Jennifer Ott (W) and Mike Vogler (M)
Longest Putt - Jim Carpenter
Gold Man - Mark Schoene

2015 Summary

Couples Championship:  The new team of Alan Honerkamp & Debbie Schulte fired an impressive 67 to edge out three other teams that were also below par.  This makes it 3 of the last 4 years that a different new team has won the Toaster Oven.  Tom & Julie Bossard, in their first 18-hole Whipplefest, shot 68 and just missed out at first place.  We had two teams at 69; Jim & Jennifer Ott officially place 3rd by winning a scorecard playoff over Bob & Helen Eichorn.

Men's Championship:  Rich Gnecco & John Chastain won for the 5th time at Whipplefest by posting a 6-under par score of 65.  Rich & John's first taste of winning the Popeil's Pocket Fisherman was 26 years ago!  The victories over the years have been at Innsbrook (1990), Eagle Springs (1994), Westview in Quincy (2000), and now twice at Bogey Hills (2012 & 2015).  Only two shots back were Mark Schoene & Dick Stone at 67, a score that has won the Men's Championship flight more than once.  In 3rd place (at 70) were Jack Burke & Jeff Orloff.

Competitive:  The Competitive Flight was won by Bob & Jane Quast with a 72.  The winning score leveraged a 35-foot birdie putt on #16 by Bob.  Sam Wilson & Mary Wilson's 74 took 2nd place.  We had two teams at 75; Terry Wilson & Bev Frein won a scorecard playoff over Gary Melchoir & Tom Slater.

Recreational:  In their 6th year as a team, spanning back to 2002, Dave Weissgerber & Ted Schuessler pulled together a 78 to win the Recreational flight.  Not far behind where Roger Ellis & Gail Griffin (81) and Cliff & Judy Land (83).

Life Points Update
For the men, Rich Gnecco & John Chastain have taken a commanding lead as the 2nd team has not played in about a decade.  Two Bogey teams have moved into the top 10 for the men:  Dan O'Donnell & Bob Davis and Jack Burke & Jeff Orloff.

There was not much movement for the couples life points.  Boon & Judy Tindall inched their way into the top 20.

Special events winners were:
Closest to the Hole - Carole Carpenter (W) and John Chastain (M)
Longest Drive - Mary Beth Wilson (W) and Jack Burke (M)
Longest Putt - John Holzbauer
Gold Man - Sandy Honerkamp
2014 Summary

2014 was hit by some extreme weather that caused us to call the tournament after most groups had finished less than 9 holes.  Because of that, we do not have the individual scores available; but the pro shop was able to determine winners based on score relative to par.

Couples Championship:  The Toaster Oven was awarded to Larry & Judy Poropat.  Both Larry and Judy have played in previous years, but I believe that this was the first year that they played together as a team.  The team of Steve Weber and Maureen McNeil finished in 2nd place; this team is best known for winning a 4 team chip off to capture 2nd place in 2012.  Finishing in 3rd place were Harold & Mady Ott, a team with a rich tradition of success at Whipplefest.

Men's Championship:  Although they were in the running in both 2011 and 2012, this was the year that Dan O'Connell & Bob Davis finally came through to win the coveted Popeil's Pocket Fisherman.  Close behind in 2nd place were Kyle Bozoian & Tom Slater.

Competitive:  The Competitive Flight was won by Jim Trimbell & Lisa Morgan.  Reports from the course were that Lisa played a huge role in the victory, but the highlight might have been Jim driving the green on #18 (a shot that also won him the Gold Man Award).  John & Judi Kapeller captured 2nd place.

Recreational:  Rick Kline & Karan Smith won this flight and Ron & Kathy Schmidt finished in 2nd place.

Life Points Update
Because of the shortened event and lack of comparable scores, no Life Points credits were awarded for 2014.

Special events winners were:
Black Cat - Pete Friesen & Matt Maher
Closest to the Hole - Denise Kirkham (W)
Longest Drive - Bonnie Sanguinet (W) and Joe Orr (M)
Longest Putt - Dave Maurer
Gold Man - Jim Trimbell

2013 Summary

Couples Championship:  Jim & Jennifer Ott return.  These Ott's claimed the prestigious Toaster Oven for the 7th time.  Don & Cheryl Leath were the only other couple to break par, but lost to Jim & Jennifer in an exciting playoff that finished just before the storm clouds arrived.  Ed & Jan Fricke shot an even par 71 for 3rd place and Scott & Penny Hays a 72 for 4th place.

Men's Championship:  Last year's champions, Rich Gnecco & John Chastain, carded a respectable 2-under par 69.  However, 2013 was the year of the Bogey men.  Ron King and Denny Connor's 63 was good enough to win the coveted Popeil's Pocket Fisherman, but only by a single stroke over a very impressive 64 by Roy Fuchs & Tom Bossard.  The 63 is only a single stroke behind the Whipplefest scoring record of 62.  The first 62 was recorded by Chris Hibler & Greg Boeyink at Innsbrook in 1989.  In 1997, the Mayor of Quincy, IL (Chuck Scholz) and his son (Charles Scholz) also recorded a 62 at Westview in Quincy, IL.  Innsbrook is a par 70 layout, while both Westview and Bogey Hills are par 71.

Competitive:  Lloyd Boone & Sharon Linneman's 72 won the Competitive flight.  Close behind were Ed & Jan Tracy and Jim Trimbell & Paula Walters (each at 74).

Life Points Update
  • Harold & Mady Ott have taken 2nd place away from Mark & Beth McGraw.
  • Don & Cheryl Leath have recaptured 4th place.
  • Rich Gnecco & John Chastain have moved into an undisputed 1st place.
  • Todd Baucom & Kent Burgess moved into the top 10.
  • Two teams of Bogey members have moved into the top 15 (O'Donnell & Davis and Burke & Orloff).

Special events winners were:
Most Improved Team - Craig & Bonnie Sanguinet (84 to 74)
Closest to the Hole - Jeanne O'Connell (W) and Denny Connor (M)
Longest Drive - Cheryl Leath (W) and Jim Trimbell (M)
Longest Putt - Lloyd Boone
Gold Man - Jack Wisor

2012 Summary
2012 featured several interesting story lines...

- Who are Boon & Judy Tindall?   The virgins to Whipplefest were able to handle the pressure to take home the toaster oven with 4 teams only one stroke behind.

- Terri Schneider's hole-in-one, only the second in 27 years at the TOC.  The last person to accomplish this feat retired on top and has never played in another Whipplefest.  Let's hope that Terri returns.

- Breaking 70?  No problem.  The Whipplefest historical records cannot find anything equaling the 5 scores of 69 or better in the couples division.  Throw in an additional 3 for the men and 2012 will be hard to beat.

- What happened to the small core of teams that have captured every single Couples Championship since 2003?  This group had also won 15 of the first 26 titles:  Jim & Jennifer Ott (6), Mark & Beth McGraw (5), Don & Cheryl Leath (3) and Harold & Mady Ott (1).  But even though they held the top four spots in the Life Points standings through 2011, nobody from this esteemed group could come any closer than 4 strokes from 5th place in 2012.

Couples Championship:  Boon & Judy Tindall brought the toaster oven to Bogey Hills.  Bogey Hills has long been the home of the trombone set and members have somewhat become accustomed to the sound of brass around the clubhouse.  Maybe now they will have toast.  Boon & Judy's 3-under par 68 was an impressive round that inched out four other teams bunched up at 2-under.  That grouping at 69 was featured in a chip-n-putt contest at the 18th green.  In the first round Mike & Jeanne O'Connell and Neil & Jan Whipple failed to get down in two and were eliminated.  In the second round Steve Weber & Maureen McNeill defeated Rich Wessel and Jane Quast.

Men's Championship:  Rich Gnecco & John Chastain fired a 4-under par 67 to win the coveted Popeil's Pocket Fisherman.  Close behind were Larry Poropat & Ed Fricke (68) and Dan O'Donnell & Bob Davis (69).  Rich and John have been playing Whipplefest since the very early years.  This is their 4th title, but the first since 2000.  The other years were 1990 and 1994.

Competitive:  Jim & Carole Carpenter's 72 won this flight by one stroke over Gene & Terri Schneider's 73.  If only Terri would have been able to card a second hole-in-one, Gene (aka...the future mayor of Saint Charles) would have been part of a first place team.  Jack & Julee Wisor had the distraction of playing with the Whipples.  But they overcame that and a bogey-bogey start and played at 2-over the rest of the way to score a very nice 75 and take 3rd place.

Life Points Update
The Rich Gnecco & John Chastain win means they are tied for 1st place with Chris Hibler & Greg Boeyink on the Men's side.  The Whipples have inched out Don & Cheryl Leath for 4th place for the Couples.  Also on the Couples side, Rich Wessel & Jane Quast have gained signficantly in recent years and could potentially break the top 10 with a first or second place finish in 2013.

Special events winners were:
The Black Cat - Matt & Sarah Mayer
Most Improved Team - Neil & Jan Whipple (78 to 69)
Closest to the Hole - Jennifer Ott (W) and Rick Latas (M)
Longest Drive - Jeanne O'Connell (W) and Mike O'Connell (M)
Longest Putt - Jan Whipple
Gold Man - Terri Schneider (hole-in-one on #8)

2011 Summary

The inaugural appearance at Bogey Hills was a success.  The faster greens did not seem to matter as the scores were a bit lower than expected. 

Couples Championship:  A round of 67 by Jim & Jennifer Ott was good enough to retain the Toaster Oven; but only by a single stroke over the 68 posted by Rich Wessel and Jane Quast.  Harold & Mady Ott's 69 was good for 3rd place.  This was a record 6th Whipplefest title for Jim & Jennifer.

The Couples Competitive flight it was a battle of Bogey Hills members.  Craig & Bonnie Sanguinet (76) won 1st place in a scorecard playoff over John & Judi Kapeller.  Mike Miller and Sue Schneider shot 80 to take 3rd place.

In the Men's Championship it was Todd Baucom & Kent Burgess repeating with a 68 to retain possession of the coveted Popeil's Pocket Fisherman; but it took an exciting playoff on the 18th hole to settle it.  Rich Gnecco and Bill Ott also had a 68 in regulation, but came up just short in the playoff.  For 3rd place (at 70) it was Dan O'Donnell and Bob Davis winning a scorecard playoff over Larry Poropat and Ed Fricke.

In the Men's Competitive, the father-son team of Doug Bozarth and Stephen Bozarth took 1st place with a 76.  Dave Weissgerber and Harry Ott (Harold and Mady's son) won 2nd place.

Life Points Update
No major news in this category this year.  But it is worth mentioning that Don & Cheryl Leath jumped three spots and are now 4th overall.

Special events winners were:
The Black Cat - Matt & Sarah Mayer
Most Improved Team - Harold & Mady Ott
Closest to the Hole - Mady Ott (W) and Bill Schneider (M)
Longest Drive - Kathy Regele (W) and Harold Ott (M)
Longest Putt - John Berkowitz
Gold Man - Rich Gnecco (3 wood on par 5 that led to an eagle)

2010 Summary

2010 featured some names very familiar to the winners circle, but also some new teams that earned themselves a share of Toaster Oven Commemorative history.  For some reason the scoring was not as low as normal this year.  Let's just say that the holes seemed a bit smaller than usual.  :-)

In the Couples Championship, Jim & Jennifer Ott fired a 69 to win by a single stroke to retain the Toaster Oven.  This is the first repeat performance since 1993-1994 when Mark & Beth McGraw pulled it off.  Jim & Jennifer join the McGraws as the only two 5 time winners at Whipplefest.  Bill & Brenda Schneider (2001 Champions) from Quincy, IL shot a 70 to earn the Trombone Set.  In 3rd place were Rich Wessel & Jane Quast with a 73.

In the Couples Competitive it was Bob Quast & Judy Poropat with a 71 to take 1st place.  This was a very respectable 5 stroke improvement over 2009.  Joe & Kristie Polizzi had not played in Whipplefest since 1989, but returned in fashion with a 73 to claim 2nd place.  The Whipplefest virgin team of Nick Pignotti & Marti McGraw shot a 76 to place 3rd.  Marti represents the first "2nd generation" participant to win a Whipplefest trophy in the couples division.  But she was not the only one from the next generation to make waves this year.  Her sister, Alli, won both the longest drive and closest to the pin awards this year.  Also, Stephen Bozarth (Doug's son) took 1st place in the Men's Competitive flight.  Per Whipplefest regulations, Bob & Judy and Joe & Kristie will join the Championship flight for the next four years.

In the Men's Championship it was a new team that took home the Popeil's Pocket Fisherman.  Todd Baucom & Kent Burgess were going to play with their wives, but ended up playing together and their 67 was enough for 1st place.  Three time champions Rich Gnecco & John Chastain took 2nd with a 69; while Jack Burke & Jeff Orloff fired a 70 for 3rd place.

In the Men's Competitive, as mentioned above, Stephen Bozarth & Brian Weintrop's 72 took 1st place.  In their first tournament since 1996, Roger Besancenez & Jeff Ayers shot a 77 for 2nd place.  For 3rd, it was Dennis Williams & Al Trommler's 78 winning a scorecard playoff over Doug Bozarth & Robert White.

Life Points Update - BIG NEWS
With their 15 points earned this year, Jim & Jennifer Ott have pulled ahead of the McGraws (169 to 165) for the lead in Life Points race for couples.  Both of the Quincy couples (Schneider and Reeder) pulled into the top 10 with their 2010 performances.  On the men's side, Ed Balzer & Dave Burton have entered the top 5.  Of course, Ed is also 3rd on the list with Don Steel as his partner.

Special events winners were:
The Black Cat - Matt Mayer & Sarah Hotaling (it was close, there were 4 teams within 3 shots)
Closest to the Hole - Alli McGraw (W) and Dave Burton (M)
Longest Drive - Alli McGraw (W) and Jeremy Loemker (M)
Longest Putt - Mike Tjarks
Gold Man - Bill Schneider (this adds to Brenda's two gold man awards)

Being the 25th anniversary, the historical records were pulled out to determine all those players that have attended at least a dozen Whipplefests...
Ed Balzer – 23 years (missed 1992 and 1999)
Mike & Nancy Tjarks – 22 years (missed 2003, 2005 and 2009)
Matt Mayer – 21 years (since he picked up golf, has only missed 2000)
Jim Ott – 19 years (15 with Jennifer)
Mark McGraw – 18 years (17 with Beth)
Harold Ott – 17 years (16 with Mady)
Rich Gnecco – 16 years
Mike Rooney – 16 years (14 with Angie)
Don Kirkham – 16 years (14 with Denise)
Dave Weissgerber – 15 years
Don Steel – 15 years
Mike Ernst – 14 years
Chris Wedewer – 14 years (6 with Sandy)
Dan Baugher – 14 years
Dan Lafferty – 14 years
Tim & Michelle Oliver – 13 years
Keith Fehd – 12 years

2009 Summary

2009 was more of the same in the Couples Championship division.  Jim & Jennifer Ott won their 4th title with a 68, the five-time champ McGraw's were second with a 70, while the three-time champ Leath's and returning holders of the oven, Harold & Mady Ott, shot a pair of 71s.  Newbies Kent Burgess & Jessica Burgess also came in with a 71.  The Whipples were in the process of an extreme dark horse run for some hardware as they were even par through 13 holes.  But the pressure must have been too much as they bogeyed 4 of the final 5.  Leonard Scruggs & Maureen McNeill won the Couples Competitive with an even par 72.

In the Men's Championship, Barry Baumbach & Zane Morton shot a 65 to claim their second title.  Coming in a close second were Dan Baugher & Dave Laposa with a 67.  Past winners Rich Gnecco & John Chastain shot a 71.  (That may be due to too much beer and darts instead of  working on their golf games.)  The returning champions (Ed Balzer & Dave Burton) fired a respectable 72, but that will not cut it at a major like the Toaster Oven Commemorative.  We had a tie for the Men's Competitive with a pair of 73's.  John Streb & Matt Hamilton won the scorecard playoff over Floyd Thomas & Rob Wisor.

Special events winners were:
The Black Cat - Jerry Clark & Heidi Anderson
Closest to the Hole - Jan Whipple (W) and Steve Hannah (M)
Longest Drive - Denise Kirkham (W) and Harold Ott (M)
Longest Putt - Gavin Johnson
Gold Man - Ed Balzer

2008 Summary

The 2008 tournament featured two firsts...for some of Whipplefest's legends.

Let's start with the Men's Championship, where Ed Balzer won the Popeil's Pocket Fisherman with his third different partner.  Whipplefest historians remember that a major force in the 1980's was the team of Ed Balzer and Don Steel.  Ed and Don continued to play together through 2001, but were not able to repeat of magic of 1986-1987.  With Don Steel moving away from the St. Louis area, getting married, and all...Ed had to move on.  The very next year (2002), the team of Ed Balzer & Dave Laposa won the Championship with a 67.  In 2004, Ed again moved on and started playing with Dave Burton.  For three years they played well...but no championships.  But 2008 was a return to glory for Ed Balzer, this time with Dave Burton, with an impressive 65 to win it all.

As for the Toaster Oven and the Couples Championship...well, it was a special year.  Going into 2008, 10 of the top 12 ranked teams in the Life Points standings have won the Toaster Oven.  But one team seemed to have trouble getting it done.  Over the past 20 years or so, Harold & Mady Ott have been close many times...as their #3 Life Points ranking attests to.  Who can ever forget the classic Ott vs. Ott playoff for the Toaster Oven in 2003?

Again in 2008 it was not easy for Harold and Mady.  From Australia came Rayden Rivett and his partner, Diane Gibbs, to shoot a 68 and eventually place 3rd.  The McGraws and Leaths were also chasing, while Rich Wessel & Jane Quast were grinding it out in hopes of winning.  But in the end it was the #2 ranked Otts (Jim and Jennifer) that proved to be the biggest challenge.  Both Ott teams scored 67 this year...so much like that night five years earlier.  By the time the scores had been tallied, the weather did not allow for a playoff at #13 this year.  The birdie by Harold and Mady at the #1 handicap hole earned them the Toaster Oven.  After so many great rounds that fell just short, this year's 67 was good enough.

Special events winners were:
First Player from the Southern Hemisphere - Rayden Rivett (Australia)
The Black Cat - Matt Mayer & Jennifer Kendall
Closest to the Hole - Cheryl Leath (12") and Jeremy Loemker (2")
Longest Drive - Beth McGraw (W) and Zane Morton (M)
Longest Putt - Don Kirkham
Gold Man - Micheal Higgs

2007 Summary

2007 was a year of few surprises as we had ex-champions win both of the championship flights.  But we did feature a hole-in-one, a Toaster Oven Commemorative first.  Dave Ballentine, a Whipplefest virgin, scored an ace with a perfect 7-iron on the 157 yard 8th hole.  Dave's playing partners were Ben Kohout, John Boyer, and Jason Wilson.

In the Couples Championship flight, Don & Cheryl Leath's 65 was good enough to earn a 3rd title and 12 months with the toaster oven.  The win also moves them up 5 slots in the life points standings, but they still have a lot of work left to catch up with the Otts, the Otts, and the McGraws.  Coming in four shots back at 69 were Rich Wessel & Jane Quast (who won the trombone on the scorecard playoff) and Jim & Jennifer Ott.  The magic was gone for 2006's trombone set winners...but Mike & Nancy Tjarks fired a respectable 76.

Winning the Couples Competitive flight with an impressive even par 72 was Ray Veit & Maureen McNeill.

The Men's Championship flight featured a playoff between the last two champions with Mike Fedder & Jeremy Loemker battling Barry Baumbach & Zane Morton.  Both teams shot 66 in regulation, but Mike & Jeremy won the playoff with Jeremy two putting from Mike's iron shot into the green.  An impressive showing from a new team earned a third place finish for Peter Lawrence and his son Sam.  Their score of 67 would take home the prize in many years.

The Men's Competitive flight featured a 3-way tie for first place at 74.  A closely contested playoff gave the victory to Dave Weissgerber & Ted Schuessler when Ted drained a 15 foot putt ahead of Larry Pickrell & Bernie Wolfe.  Also in the playoff was John Streb & Matt Hamilton.

Special events winners were:
The Black Cat - Tim Kinser & Tim Jensen
Closest to the Hole - Kathy Meade (W) and Barry Baumbach (M)
Longest Drive - Patty White (W) and Mark McGraw (M)
Longest Putt - Ray Veit
Gold Man - Dave Ballentine (hole in one)

2006 Summary

Well, it had to happen sometime.  Whipplefest was rained on for the first time since we started in 1986.  In fact, the 2006 tournament was a rain shortened event.  Because teams played a various number of holes, this year the winners were selected on their score relative to par.

In an already deep Couples Championship division, it was made even tougher when Mike & Nancy Tjarks bolted out of the Competitive division to capture the Trombone Set with a score of 4 under par.  They finished behind only Jim & Jennifer Ott, who posted 6 under par to win their third title (1997, 2003, and now 2006).  Several past champions just watched from behind.

In the Couples Competitive, the teams of Kurt & Lisa Kluba and Larry Boyce & Kathy Meade both were even par.  The Klubas won the scorecard playoff.

The Men's Championship was pretty much a route with Barry Baumbach & Zane Morton shooting 6 under par.  The next score was Mike Rooney & Tim Jensen, who bested par by a single stroke.

The Men's Competitive had two teams at 1 over par:  Warren Vincent & Robert Schmitt and Dave Weissgerber & Charlie Reinheimer.  Vincent & Schmitt won the scorecard playoff.

2005 Summary

There was talk of creating a "Champions Division" for the team that had dominated Whipplefest in the late 80s and early 90s.  Without a victory since very early in the Clinton administration, people were wondering if their best years were behind them.  But then it happened...a back nine charge for the ages that brought back memories of Augusta in 1986.  With the pressure of their challengers being all around them, Mark and Beth McGraw birdied #18 to finish with a 67.  A 67 that was good enough...by a single stroke...to earn them their unprecedented 5th Toaster Oven.  Watching the action just off the green as the birdie putt dropped, Chris and Sandy Wedewer began to plan for 12 months with the Trombone Set.  As fortune has it, their son is entering 4th grade this fall with plans of joining the band.  Dashed are any hopes of playing the drums...the young Wedewer will be taking up the trombone.

The right to display the Popeil's Pocket Fisherman at the office was not decided until well into the evening.  Bob Feldmann & Joe Leone battled with Mike Fedder & Jeremy Loemker in a playoff that featured great approach shots from each team to set up mid-length putts to win it all.  But in the end, it was Jeremy Loemker that drained the pressure putt to win the championship.

The couples competitive division featured an exciting four-way playoff.  Jeff Simmons and Lori Rowe where the first to bow out.  Debbie Hannah drained a 35 foot putt to keep their hopes alive for a while, but the Hannah's eventually finished in 3rd place.  After twice playing in from 100 yards, then from out of the bunker, then from behind the bunker...Mark Roos and Janet Jackson finally defeated Hal Regele and Kathy Meade to win first place.  Janet, playing in her first Whipplefest, drilled a 10 footer dead center to finish it off.

The men's competitive was decided by a scorecard playoff with John Streb & Keith Sellers taking it from Rex Kidwell & John Gieselmann.
"The pinnacle of the 2-person scramble golfing world is the right to hold either the prestigious Toaster Oven or the handsomely mounted Popeil’s Pocket Fisherman for one full year."
2019 Couples Champions
Dick Stone & Kelly Osborne
2019 Men's Champions
Ed Fricke & Denny Connor
No Whipplefest 2020...victim of COVID-19