Photos from Whipplefest 2007 Toaster Oven Commemorative golf tournament. 2007 Pictures
Whipplefest 2007
Nancy and Mike Tjarks
Abbie Kirby & Matt Mayer
The Group from Saint Charles County Government
Bernie Wolfe, Barry Baumbach, Larry Pickrell, Zane Morton
Jim & Carole Carpenter with Jan & Neil Whipple
Kathy Regele (Kathy Meade at the time)
Bob Quast
Mark McGraw and Don Leath
Jan Whipple, Jennifer Ott, Mady Ott, and Beth McGraw
Watching the Playoff
It was going to be another one of those nights for Harold and Mady Ott.
Men's Champions
Jeremy Loemker & Mike Fedder
Couples Champions
Don & Cheryl Leath
An historic moment...Whipplefest's first hole-in-one was made by Dave Ballentine
Men's Competitive Flight Champions
Dave Weissgerber & Ted Schuessler
Couples Competitive Flight Champions
Maureen McNeill & Ray Veit
Men's Championship - 2nd Place
Barry Baumbach & Zane Morton
Couples Championship - 2nd Place
Jane Quast accepting for her team (partner Rich Wessel)
Men's Competitive Flight - 2nd Place
Bernie Wolfe & Larry Pickrell
Couples Competitive Flight - 2nd Place
Brian Bax & Patty White
Men's Competitive Flight - 3rd Place
Matt Hamilton accepting for his team (partner John Streb)
Couples Championship - 3rd Place
Jennifer & Jim Ott
Otts abuse the ceremony hosts...but looks like Neil gets the better end of the deal.
Mike and Jim talk business while Jennifer struggles to accept a 3rd place finish.