Whipplefest 2013
Bill and Brenda Schneider
Marti McGraw & Nick Sabino
Mady Ott and Jennifer Ott
Craig Sanguinet, Neil Whipple, Bonnie Sanguinet, and Mike Tjarks
Beth McGraw, Mark McGraw, Mariann Parasida, and Tony Parasida
Denny Connor - Closest to the Pin
Jim Trimbell - Longest Drive
Jack Wisor - The Gold Man
Lloyd Boone & Sharon Linneman - 1st Place Competitive Flight
Ed and Jan Tracy - 2nd Place Competive Flight
Jack Wisor - The Gold Man
Sharon Linneman and Mike Tjarks
Rich Gnecco & John Chastain - 3rd Place
Roy Fuchs & Tom Bossard - 2nd Place
Ron King & Denny Connor - Men's Champions (63)
Penny & Scott Hays - 4th Place
Jan & Ed Fricke - 3rd Place
Cheryl & Don Leath - 2nd Place
Jennifer & Jim Ott - Couples Champions