Whipplefest 2015
The Great Anticipation
Mady Ott and Marti Sabino (with Harold Ott in the background)

Jennifer and Jim Ott (7 Championships Spanning 3 Decades)

Mark & Beth McGraw (5 Championships that Span 3 Decades)

The Always Gracious Mady Ott

Fran Steininger, Julee Wisor, and Anne Gonzales

Long Timers Don Kirkham and Ed Balzer

Denise Kirkham, Lisa Viet and Ray Viet

Debbie and Ron King

Lisa Morgan and Jim Trimbell

Sandy Honerkamp & Scott Honerkamp

Debbie Schulte and Alan Honerkamp (2015 Couples Champions)

Penny Hays & Anne Gonzales

Jan and Ed Tracy

Julie & Tom & Bossard

Gary Melchior, Tom Slater, Dan O'Donnell, Bob Davis

Bob & Jane Quast with Larry & Judy Poropat

Mady Ott and Beth McGraw

Rich Gnecco, John Chastain, and Joe Orr

Waiting for the fun to start

Lloyd & Linda Boone with Cliff & Judy Land

Todd Baucom & Kent Burgess
Art Genasci & Kelly Hackman

Jim & Carole Carpenter with Boon & Judy Tindall

Jack & Julee Wisor with Scott & Penny Hays

Jack & Julee Wisor with Scott & Penny Hays
Engraving the Toaster Oven
Carol Carpenter

Carol Carpenter
John Chastain
The Whipples
Mary Wilson - Longest Drive

Jack Burke - Longest Drive

Jack Burke

John Holzbauer - Longest Putt

Jan and Jen

Jen filling in as the applause meter

Jim Ott

Sandy Honerkamp & Neil Whipple

Sandy Honerkamp

Cliff & Judy Land - 3rd Place Recreational Flight

Dave Weissgerber & Ted Schuessler - 1st Place Recreational (Ted drinking)
Getting things figured out

Marti Sabino and Jan
Marti Sabino
Bob & Jane Quast - 1st Place Competitive Flight
Jack Burke and Kris Zimmer
Jack Burke - 3rd Place Men's Championship (with Jeff Orloff)

Dick Stone & Mark Schoene - 2nd Place Men's Championship
Dick Stone and Neil Whipple
Dick Stone

Neil's Hand

Rich Gnecco & John Chastain

The handsomely mounted Popeil’s Pocket Fisherman

Rich Gnecco & John Chastain - 1st Place Men's Championship (5 time champions)

The Champions (1990, 1994, 2000, 2012, and 2015)
And now for the Couples Championship...
Jennifer Ott and Jan

Jim & Jennifer Ott - 3rd Place Couples Championship

Julie Bossard

The trombone is out

Tom & Julie Bossard - 2nd Place Couples Championship (winners of the trombone set)

An old pro...

The dance of the toaster oven

The walk of champions

Alan Honerkamp & Debbie Schulte - 1st Place Couples Championship (holders of the prestigious Toaster Oven)

Perfect form

Again, perfect form from a champion

More of Alan

Whipplefest Legends - These three have attended a combined 74 Whipplefest celebrations (Jim Ott - 24, Ed Balzer - 28, and Mark McGraw - 22)

Ted Schuessler - Neil's first boss at McDonnell Douglas (January of 1986)
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