The Flights

Your team is in the Championship flight (potential score of 73 or less) if any of the following apply:


Your team is in the Competitive flight (expected score 74 to 80) if any of the following apply:


Otherwise you are in the Recreational flight (expected score > 80).


Whipplefest Modifications to the Rules of Golf


You should follow the USGA rules of golf; however, the following local rules apply to the TOC:


Two-person scramble - Both players hit every shot, the team then selects the best shot to play next. This continues until you have finished the hole (including putts).


Playing the Ball Up - "Bumping" your ball up to one club length is allowed to improve your lie.This includes fairways, rough, sand bunkers, unmarked areas, and hazards.You cannot move out of a sand trap, out of a hazard, back from OB, or from the fringe to the green.


Double Bogey Rule - Nothing over a double bogey is allowed.Please pick up when you can no longer score a bogey on a hole.


Gimme Rule - Putts less than 2 feet are considered good.


Never a 4 Putt - All 3rd putts are considered good, so you donít even need to putt them.


Balls in Penalty Areas, Lost Balls, Unplayable Lies, and Out of Bounds - The change instituted in 2014 remains; these situations must be played per USGA rules.An exception is touching the ball in a hazard.


Special Contests